Posted on April 22, 2016

Science Innovator Scholarships Awarded!

The Science Innovator Scholarships are presented annually to top-ranked, teacher-nominated, high school science students based on their intellectual curiosity, work ethic, and capacity for scientific reasoning, demonstrated integrity, leadership and communication skills.

Three Helena-area students have been awarded $1,500 each in scholarships. Capital High’s recipients were Meagan Key and William (Woody) Turman. Helena High’s recipient was Joseph (Pepper) Pennington.

To see the full IR article, click here.

Posted on March 14, 2016

Showcasing Student Art in the Community

Mrs. Anderson’s art classes are showing their art at the Real Food Store Gallery for the month of March. Top row features photography from the Photo 1 class focusing on aperture studies. The bottom row features paintings from the Design Applications classes focusing on acrylic techniques. Stop by the Real Food Store Gallery to check out the work and visit our Facebook Page “Capital High School Art – Mrs. Genevieve Anderson” and comment on the artwork. The students love it!
Art 3 Art 2
Facebook Page

Capital High School Art – Mrs. Genevieve Anderson

The featured art work


Posted on December 8, 2015

Governor’s Choice Award Winner Goes to CHS Students!

Capital High Students painted Whoville houses and Whoville people in Mrs. Anderson’s Design Application classes for the Festival of Trees!  Mr. Pearce’s  students cut out the boards that Coby Furlong Designed. It was amazing to see the students put so much effort and enthusiasm to an event that supports a great cause.

Congratulations on the Governor’s choice award! Look at the process of building these on facebook page: Capital High School Art – Mrs. Genevieve Anderson. Like the page and comment on the students’ work. They would love the feedback!

A Tradition of Giving – Festival of Trees – Intermountain Children’s Home

The Festival of Trees has raised more than $2 Million over the last 26 years for the mission of Intermountain, “Healing Through Healthy Relationships”. From its humble beginnings with a few trees that netted $5,000 in 1988, to the record of $232,000 in 2015. The generosity of the Helena community has made Festival of Trees bigger and brighter every year. Thirty trees, vacation packages, and a few specialty items are auctioned each year.  Sponsors have continued to support the event so that revenue goes directly to support the event so that revenue goes directly to the children’s needs. So many people respond to the needs of children with their time, treasures, and talent. We are blessed and thankful for each and every one.

Posted on November 23, 2015

True Grit…

Student artists studied The Big Read story True Grit and then created a work of art on a page from the actual book — a current version and a 1960s edition — using graphite, watercolor, pen & ink, mixed media and photography.  The students’ creativity is meant to inspire our community to get involved in The Big Read program. The Lewis and Clark Library hosted a display of the art work during the month of October. The art work is now on display in the Capital High School Library for a limited time. Come by and check it out!  You can also see each project on the Facebook Page “Capital High School – Mrs. Genevieve Anderson.” Like the page and comment on the students’ work. They would love the feedback!

“The Big Read supports organizations across the country in developing community-wide programs that encourage reading and participation by diverse audiences. A program of the National Endowment for the Arts, The Big Read broadens our understanding of our world, our communities, and ourselves through the joy of sharing a good book. Each community event lasts approximately one month and includes a kick-off event to launch the program locally, ideally attended by the mayor and other local luminaries; major events devoted specifically to the book (e.g. panel discussions and author reading); events using the book as a point of departure (e.g. film screenings and theatrical readings); and book discussions in diverse locations and aimed at a wide range of audiences.” (“About the Big Read.” The Big Read. N.p, 2015.)


Posted on August 6, 2015

Welcome to, or back to, Capital High School

It is August at Capital High School which equates to a time for a new start, a new set of students, and an inevitable set of new emotions that each passing school year always brings. The start of a school year is always busy, yet exciting at the same time! Please take time to review all of the upcoming dates and information contained in this newsletter.

We will continue to focus on preparing students who are College and Career Ready in light of the Montana State Standards. In order to reach such a lofty goal, teachers will continue to collaborate within their PLC (Professional Learning Communities) teams to ensure that all students are exposed to high standards. The PLC teams will continue to meet on the Monday early release
schedule this year.

Be sure to take advantage of all of the opportunities found at Capital High School! Have a fantastic school year!

Brett Zanto

Posted on March 4, 2015

Distinguished Educators of 2015

These educators are recognized for their incredible impact on student lives!

Congratulations to all of the CHS staff members who were honored by HEF Distinguished Scholars and Distinguished Achievers!  The following staff members were recognized:  Matt Lyng, Debra Dorance, Marianne Schadt, Jim Murray, Becca Leaphart, Don Foucar, Gary Long, Dennis Peterson, Pat Murphy, Duane Zehr, Genevieve Anderson, Walt Chancy, Amanda Plona, Derik Reed, and Tom Pedersen.

Please check out the article in the Independent Record.

Posted on March 3, 2015

Capital High Solar Panels are LIVE! (Update)


(update) On Earth Day, April 22, 2015, Capital High School was the recognized by Montana Lt. Gov. Angela McLean as one of 13 Smart Schools in Montana. As part of their recognition, CHS also received $1,000 award to support it’s efforts.

Capital High School of Helena also earned recognition for having demonstrated outstanding leadership in renewable energy use, as they installed 40 solar panels, accounting for 10 kW (kilowatts) of renewable energy.

Capital High School has a new solar panel array that is currently generating up to 10 kilowatts per hour of green energy. You won’t see them, however, without climbing a ladder. That’s because they were installed 40 feet above the ground on the roof of Capital’s gym. The system has only been operational for a total of 60 days but has already produced 1.7 megawatts of electricity.

The project started as the brainchild of Capital High School science teachers Tom Pedersen and Logan Mannix and the high school’s Green Club. The group worked with Jackson Isbell of Solar Montana to design a photo-voltaic (solar) system in the spring of 2012. Working with John Carter, Director of Support Services for the Helena School District, they sent a proposal to Northwestern Energy to receive a USB grant. In the spring of 2015, a grant in the amount of $40,000 was awarded to install a 10 KW solar array.

“Bottom line is we will save the district thousands of dollars over the years,” says Tom Pedersen. “ It will pay for itself and demonstrate to students that we are not just talking about green energy, but we are walking the walk and making a real application of green energy that makes a difference. The school can also take pride in the fact that we are reducing our carbon foot print on the planet.”

Tom Pedersen credits the district’s Director of Support Services, John Carter, with the idea to place the panels on the roof. “We were trying to pick a location where the panels would be out of the way and not take up too much space. John suggested we mount them on the roof of the gym and proceeded to help us with everything from designing the system, writing the grant and working with the vendors. ” Solar Montana’s Jack Isbell said, “We really enjoyed collaborating with the district on this project.”

Live data from the solar panels is available to the public. The system is equipped with a weather station for students and the public to access in real time. Bill Kaiser, Technology Teacher/Coordinator for the district, built the public access page and will be developing a kiosk in the main lobby of Capital High School to demonstrate the CHS solar statistics.

CLICK HERE to see LIVE data from the solar panels. (click on “real-time” to see temp and wind)
Posted on February 1, 2015

MBI at Capital High School Personal Finance Classes Students want them, we’ve got them!

Did you know that there are classes that teach personal finance at Capital High School?

One theme that emerged from the MyVoice survey and student focus groups held in November and December was the desire to have relevance of learning to their lives now and in the future. Students reported that they wanted classes that focus on personal finance that show them how to do taxes, how to manage checking and savings accounts, how to buy a car and rent a house/apartment, etc.

Did you know? Capital High School currently offers classes that cover these topics of interest, including Money Management, Career Planning, and Accounting courses. Please share this information with your child and explore the registration guide for more details related to these courses and how they can provide relevant, real-world learning that will benefit students now and in the future.

Students completed the My Voice Survey in November, and the results of the survey were used to facilitate student focus groups at Capital High School in December. A random sample of students from each grade level and gender were asked to participate in the student focus groups and share their thoughts and provide suggestions for ways to make our school a better place and encourage students to incorporate the Capital Code of Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be a Graduate into their daily lives.

Posted on February 1, 2015

CHS Parent Council

The CHS Parent Council meets the 1st Thursday of every month from 12:00-1:00 in the Library Conference Room. This month, we will meet February 5th.

Please stop by and discuss current happenings at CHS with Mr. Zanto.

Posted on February 1, 2015

Congratulations to John Miller!

CHS Robotics received a Montana Masonic Foundation Grant valued at $1,500.