4203 Biology 1 Applied

4203    Biology 1 Applied

Biology 1 Applied is a specialized course designed to meet the specific needs of selected students, as determined by a team of Earth Science teachers, counselor, case manager, principal, parent, and student.  Enrollment in the class is determined by the team, and the class may not be selected by the student without team input.  The material covered in the course is similar to that covered in the course Biology 1, including the major themes of cells, heredity and evolution, diversity of life, and ecology, but is adapted to the specific individual needs of the student. The course provides opportunities for exposure to, rather than mastery of, the subject. This course is not recommended for students who anticipate pursuing a career in science, research, medicine, or health careers.  We take advantage of nearby natural outdoor lab environments to create two collections; a leaf collection in the early fall, and a virtual vertebrate wildlife collection in the spring. We will also have activities in the greenhouse, including growing and maintaining plants.  There is an annual, full-day field trip to Montana Wild in the spring. Students will be expected to walk up to one mile during the class period to take part in outdoor labs.


1.0 Credit