6420 Advanced String Orchestra

6420    Advanced String Orchestra

Advanced (Auditioned) String Orchestra is open to Sophomore’s through Seniors’ with at least 1 years’ previous high school orchestra experience.  Freshman will only be eligible for the class if they meet the following requirements: 1. Qualify for All-State Music Festival, 2. Participation in both Intermediate and Advanced Orchestra (extra elective), and 3. Director’s approval.  It is highly recommended that members take private lessons.  All students must have their own instrument for this class.  If a student does not or is not able to own/rent an instrument, they must contact Mr. Harris to make arrangements for a school instrument. Every student in Advanced (Auditioned) String Orchestra will be required to re-audition annually. Prerequisite(s): Audition and selection; Director’s signature; Freshman: must qualify for All-State – AND – concurrent enrollment in Intermediate Orchestra.


1.0 Credit