1201 English 2 Honors

1201    English 2-Honors (Pre-AP)

This rigorous version of the English II course prepares sophomores to succeed in Advanced Placement English courses their junior and senior years by using SpringBoard curricular resources.  Honors English II students tackle challenging and complex literature, often completing mandatory enrichment readings outside of class. They write and revise formal academic essays, study grammar and vocabulary, and accept responsibility for managing their time and course deadlines.  Students in Honors English II also engage in lively discussions, write several creative pieces, and practice public speaking skills. Prerequisite(s): Signed commitment form attached to registration materials -AND- completion of summer reading and related assignments.  An A or B in the previous year’s English class is recommended.

*Special Note: Registering for an AP or Honors course is meant to be a YEAR-LONG COMMITMENT.  If you wish to drop an AP or Honors course, you will have to wait until one week after the semester begins.

Honors English II (Pre-AP) Student_Parent Commitment Form

1.0 Credit