7173 Carpentry 3

7173    Carpentry 3          Two Hours (P5 & 6)

For this class students will choose from one of two options:

  • Apprenticeship/Internship:¬†for this option,¬†students will find employment with a local building trades company.¬† If the student is entering an apprenticeship after high school graduation, this is an opportunity to begin working in their respective trade during the afternoon gaining valuable work experience and hours toward progressing on the apprenticeship scale.¬† Students who are not entering apprenticeships after high school can find employment as an intern with a local building trades company.¬† The internship option is ideal for someone entering college, trade school or the military following high school graduation.¬† The student will work afternoons gaining valuable work and employability experience to open doors following high school.¬† Examples of building trades companies include the areas of construction, electrical, plumbing,¬†HVAC¬†and cabinet shops. Student will track their hours worked and journal on their experiences to keep track of the on-the-job training they are learning.¬† Students choosing this option must be enrolled in the school‚Äôs pre-apprenticeship program recognized by the Montana Dept. of Labor and Industry.
  • Advanced Woodworking:¬†for this option,¬†students will engage in design, planning and building of high-end difficult woodworking projects.¬† Students will continue to grow in their ability to use woodworking equipment effectively to produce high quality projects.¬† Project examples¬†include:¬†bedroom sets, dining room table and chairs, kitchen cabinets, living room sets and community projects.¬† Students must furnish materials for projects of their choice.


Materials Required: Safety glasses, tape measure, and glue bottle. Fees: $40  Prerequisite(s):Carpentry 1 


2.0 Credits