Acceptable Use Policy


These network resources must be used to support education or research, and all student use must adhere to the educational goals and objectives of Helena School District No. 1. Communication over district networks is not private. Network supervision and maintenance may require review and inspection of network activity, including student files and email.

Do not:

  • Eat or drink at any school computer.
  • Share passwords.
  • Access or download any illegal, pornographic, abusive, obscene, or harassing¬†materials.
  • Cyber-bully (Cyber-bullying is the willful harm inflicted through the medium of¬†electronic text or images. Examples include but are not limited to: sending¬†threatening emails, posting derogatory or personal comments and/or photos or¬†video about someone on a web site, sending harassing text messages, physically¬†threatening or intimidating someone and/or spreading rumors about someone.)
  • Access or alter other people‚Äôs files.
  • Use your email for inappropriate or non-school related activity.
  • Download or install software, shareware or freeware.
  • Excessively consume limited hard drive space, network space, or bandwidth.
  • Violate copyright laws.
  • Create or spread computer viruses.
  • Attempt to gain unauthorized or illegal access to district technology resources.
  • Change any computer settings or alter hardware and/or cables.
  • Connect personal laptops to the network.
  • Gamble.

Unless you have your teacher’s approval and supervision do not:

  • Access, download, or play games; visit game sites, access game cheat codes, or participate in simulations.
  • Create or manage a personal web page on school computers.
  • Download music, programs or access streaming video or audio.
  • Participate in any online for-profit activities.

Please refer to the Technology Use Agreement in your Student Handbook for a complete explanation of user expectations and consequences of misuse.