Monday, May 2nd – Friday , May 6th

Expectation of the Week:

Be Responsible by being honest and considerate

Students, we are currently selling PROM tickets.  The cost is $35 per ticket and we are selling them directly from Revtrack this year.  Please purchase your tickets on Revtrack and the receipt will be used as your ticket into the dance.  If you need a guest pass, you will need to purchase your tickets beforehand and then bring the screen shot reciept to Mrs. Curry in the Record’s office to get a guest pass.



Activities for the week of May 2-7

Tues                      Var Tennis                                          9am/12 pm                                                        at Bozeman

Wed                      JV Softball                                          3 pm                                                                      Hellgate at NW Park

Wed                      Var Softball                                        4:45 pm                                                               Hellgate at NW Park

Thurs                     Frosh Boys Track                              4 pm                                                                      at Great Falls

Thurs                     Girls Track                                           4 pm                                                                      at Great Falls

Fri                              VIGILANTE PARADE                           High Noon

Fri                           JV Softball                                          4 pm                                                                      Flathead at NW Park

Fri                           Var Softball                                        5:45 pm                                                               Flathead at NW Park

Sat                         Girls Track                                           10 am                                                                    at CMR                

Sat                         Boys Track                                           10 am                                                                   at CMR

Sat                          JV Softball                                           10 am                                                                    Glacier at NW Park

Sat                          Var Softball                                        11:45 am                                                             Glacier at NW Park

Sat                         Var Tennis                                          11 am                                                                    Billings at Butte