Tuesday, December 6, 2021


Be Respectful by using good manners ~ Please and Thank you

National Honor Society is collecting donations for Toys for Tots. You may donate to any of the boxes found around the building. However, if you donate to Mr. Zarnowski’s classroom, you will be entered into a raffle to win a $25 gift card to Montana Book Co. Donations must be received by December 13th, and the winner of the raffle will be drawn on December 14th. Mr. Zarnowski’s classroom is room number 12 in the basement.

Mandatory DECA Meeting today, December 7th in TECH 1.


Activities This Week December 6-11

Fri                     S/JV/Var Girls BB                    4/5:30/7 pm                    Gallatin at CHS

Fri                     Frosh Girls BB                         4:30 pm                            Gallatin at Jim Darcy

Fri                       F/S/JV/Var Boys BB                 4:15/4/5:30/7 pm             at Gallatin

Fri                       Swim Team                              4 pm                                   at Butte

Fri                       JV Wrestling                              10 am                                at Whitehall Inv.

Fri/Sat               Wrestling                                   10 am                                 at Butte Duals

Fri/Sat               Speech/Debate                         9:45 am                             at Great Falls

Sat                      JV Wrestling                              10 am                                 at Whitehall Inv.