Montana State Golf Association Scholarship

The student must:
1) Since the MSGA awards these scholarships, only applicants with an established MSGA
Handicap Index will be considered (aka MSGA Membership). This Handicap Index is free to all Junior players.
2) Be entering their Freshman year of College/University.
3) Be a resident of Montana .
4) Submit an official copy of their High School Transcript. Include official transcript of high
school grades. Class Ranking, GPA, ACT &/or SAT test score questions must be answered and verified by school official.
5) Submit a recent photo of yourself.
6) Enclose two (2) sealed appraisal forms. See Scholarship Applicant Appraisal on pages 10 & 11. The Appraiser should not be your relative; however we realize that some will be related to the Golf appraiser. Please no letters of recommendations. All Appraisals must be received in an unbroken sealed envelope with the Appraiser’s signature across the seal.                                                        Before starting, please make sure you are working with a complete application. You should have
11 pages including this cover. Please complete the application and attach your photo, copies of your transcript, and letters of recommendation.

Applications must be received no later than March 15, 2022. All applications will be acknowledged upon their delivery. Recipients will be announced after April 25, 2022.