Chromebook Use Agreement – Damage Waiver

If you have not yet purchased the $15 damage waiver to cover any damage to your student’s Chromebook, please don’t forget!  You have until October 15, 2021 to purchase coverage!  In the event that the device is accidentally damaged or found to be defective, the district will provide a replacement device, subject to the limitations, at no cost to you once you have purchased the coverage.  We are having a large number of Chromebooks returned with broken screens and other issues and as the year really gets going, there will be more.  The replacement cost for Chromebooks has increased this year to $286.00.

Please visit to make your payment today!  If you have questions regarding the protection plan, please email Sherri Colberg – or Charmaine Barker –


The attached form, which needs to be signed by parent and student and returned, if your student has not already done so, discusses the expectations for student Chromebook use and lists any coverage limitations along with a repair pricing estimate.  If you are unable to print this document at home, we do have paper copies available in the library.  Remember the accident protection plan is not active until payment is received.  Coverage is in effect until August 31, 2022.

Chromebook Technology Waiver