TEXTBOOKS (for all Students) can be returned to the Textbook Center in the basement at CHS.  If it is closed, please go to the library.  Do not give them to your teachers, as they are not always able to check them in for you!  This includes English novels as well.

CHROMEBOOKS – Unless you are a senior or you are moving this summer, you will KEEP your Chromebook over the summer for use next year! Seniors – please return your chromebook and its powercord and/or bag to the library.

DLI students – if you are unable to enter the building, please return your books, etc. to the book carts located in the middle door at the main entrance.  You will see it marked DLI Textbook Return Cart.  Please put a note with your name on the item(s).

Any further questions can be directed to either Sherri Colberg at scolberg@helenaschools.org or Charmaine Barker at cbarker1@helenaschools.org.