Summer School 2021

2021 Summer School Procedures:

Welcome to Summer School 2021. We are pleased to have Capital High School as the host school for classes. This make-up summer school option is a chance to make up credits for your high school graduation plan. You have an opportunity to earn .5 credit for each class you complete.

Dates:             Friday, June 18th through Friday, July 16th (20 days total)
Parking:         You may park your vehicle in the West Student parking lot only.

IN PERSON-Daily Schedule:
Period 1           8:00-10:00 am
Period 2           10:00-12:00 pm
Period 3           12:00-2:00 pm

Regular attendance is an essential ingredient to guarantee your success in summer school. A 3rd absence (for any reason) will result in the loss of credit and you will be dropped from the
class without a refund. It doesn’t matter if your absences are excused; on the 3rd absence, you will lose credit. An absence is defined as not being present. Schedule appointments before or after class. Tardiness beyond 5 minutes constitutes an absence. Students are to remain in class during class time. Take restroom breaks between class periods.

Code of Conduct:
The same rules of conduct are in effect at summer school as during the regular school year. If you demonstrate inappropriate behavior and are asked to leave the classroom, this will constitute an absence. You are expected to be productive during your time here, for this reason you may also be counted absent if you are asked to leave the classroom due to sleeping in class or being nonproductive. If you are asked to leave the classroom, you and your parent may be required to meet with the teacher and/or administrator to reconcile the problem before you can return to school.

Materials:       Each student is required to bring paper, pencils, and pens. The teachers will provide textbooks and other materials as necessary.

Drinks and Food:
They are allowed in the classrooms per each individual teacher’s discretion. If allowed to   consume food, put all litter into wastebaskets and leave area cleaner than you found it. Failure to do so will result in losing the privilege.

Cell Phones and Personal Listening Devices:
Students are permitted to possess cell phones and personal listening devices within the building before, and after school and passing periods. They are NOT permitted during class. Parent pick up of the phone may be required for violations.

General Information and Questions:
Students will receive a calendar to remind them of attendance days. If you have any questions before summer classes begin, please call Mr. Willie Schlepp at 324-2205 or 406-459-2383.

2021 Summer School Calendar:

  • You may not miss more than 2 class periods. You will be dropped from your class on the third absence and not earn credit.
  • You are absent from a class if you are more than 5 minutes late.
  • All Helena Public School rules apply to summer school and discipline will be handled according to school board policies.
  • Classes will start Friday, June 18th and conclude on July 16th (M-F) *no class on Monday, July 5th.

These classes are teacher-led in person and will be held June 18th‚Äď July 16th at Capital High School.

The cost is FREE this summer.  Each class equates to a (.5) credit.

To register, please click on the link below. 

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English 1



English 2 

8 am -10 Pm


English 3

8am- 10am

12 pm-2pm

English 4


MTDA: World Cultures



MTDA: Biology



US History



Am Government



8-10 am (Pre-Alg)

10am-12pm (Alg 1)

12pm-2pm (Geo)

MTDA:Earth Science



Physical Education


Business Education

12-2 pm

Health Education


**MTDA means the class will be offered, but it will be through the on-line Montana Digital Academy, but they will attend class at CHS Library for the 2 hour block.

** NOTE:  Any student who has failed both semesters of a single math class must repeat the entire year of that course, therefore summer school is not an option.

For original credit, the Montana Digital Academy option is available as approved:

Montana Digital Academy-Students enroll through the counseling office and are assigned a password to access and complete their coursework independently. Two sessions will be available: June 9-July 13, and July 14- August 13. This is an intense course of study designed to take at least 3 hours per day per class. The maximum number of online credits that may count toward graduation is 2.5. Each class per session equates to a .5 credit. The deadline to enroll is June 6th. Click on this link to access more information about Montana Digital Academy.

Please contact your student’s school counselor if you would like to register for a MTDA original credit course.

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