Monday, April 12th, 2021


Be Responsible by asking for your make up work when you miss class

Respect Week – April 12-16

Monday, April 12

Tie Dye

Tuesday, April 13

Sports Team

Thursday, April 15

Crazy Sock Day

Friday, April 16

Bru Out Unity Day

Prizes will be given to random staff/students wo dress up!

We were denied a lot of things this year that bring us together as a school, including our amazing winter assembly. One of the coolest contests of the year happened during that event: the school talent show. Well, we’re bringing it back! Check your class Teams page for details. You’ll see a link from Ms. Brayko walking you through how you can audition online and a link to submit a video of your talent. No fee this year! Just record your talent and share with all of us how you’ve been keeping busy during this crazy year. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Brayko.

Vigilante Parade Registration begins TODAY, Monday, April 12th and ends Friday, April 18th.

Go to Teams and visit the “Ask a CHS Librarian” team for all registration links.  There will be a video demonstrating how to register emailed to all staff and students.  Be sure to watch it.

There will be a help desk outside the library with the necessary forms and to answer any questions.

Help desk is open at noon and after six and seventh periods, TODAY!  Monday, April 12.