Monday, February 1, 2021


Be Responsible by using your time wisely

Activities for February 1-6

Mon                        S Boys BB                             3 pm                     at Butte

Tues                        F Girls BB                             4 pm                      E Helena at CHS

Thurs                      F/S/JV/V Boys BB                 2:30/4/5:30/7:15    Butte at CHS

Thurs                      F/S Girls BB                          2:30/4                     at Butte High

Thurs                      JV/V Girls BB                        3:30 pm                  Butte at Civic Center

Fri                           JV/V Wrestling                     7 pm                       at Hellgate

Sat                          S/JV/V Girls BB                    12:30/2/3:45            Hellgate at CHS

Sat                          F/S Boys BB                         1/1 pm                    at Hellgate

Sat                          JV/V Boys BB                       2:45/4:30 pm          at Hellgate

Sat                           JV/V Wrestling                   3/6 pm                    at Butte High