Monday, October 12, 2020


Be Responsible by setting aside time every day to complete homework and study

Interested in Business Professionals of America (BPA)? If so, please see Mrs. Norman in Room 213 or contact her via email or Teams chat to be included in the first virtual meeting on Wednesday, October 21!

Activities: October 12-17, 2020

Tues      Soccer Play-off                                                      1st Round

Wed      Cross Country               3:00 pm                          Butte at Bill Roberts

Thurs     S/JV/Var Volleyball     4/5:30/7 pm                  at HHS

Thurs     Frosh Volleyball          4/5:30 pm                      at HHS

Thurs     Frosh Football             12 pm                             at Hellgate

Fri           Var Football                 7 pm                               Hellgate at Vigilante

Fri           F/S/JV/Var Vball          12:30/11/11/12:30pm Flathead at CHS

Sat         Soccer                                                                     QTR Finals Play-off