Welcome Back!

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Welcome back to another school year!  First off, thank you for your patience as we work through these unprecedented times.  This past summer, parents, administrators, teachers, and support staff met in various committees to focus on areas such as school operations, facilities, instruction, technology, and social-emotional health- all worked to produce plans depending upon what phase we are in at various times this year.  Such effort was worth it as we try to do everything to get students re-connected and to keep students, staff, and families safe.

This year, we will…

Stay Positive

Stay Healthy

Stay Engaged

Stay BRUINS!!!!!!

If you have not reviewed Dr. Ream’s re-opening plan presented at a recent school board meeting, you can access it at



Here are some of the terms found within the plan:

So what is an “A” or “B” student, and what is “DLI”?

If in Phase 1, we are operating buildings with half of the students in-person, and half of the students learning at home. Meanwhile, we have DLI (Digital Learning Initiative) students who have indicated that they want to be engaged in an entirely remote fashion.

“A” Students–  After the district reviewed the demographic data of all students, the most logical split for our district students lies between the last names starting with K and L.  Therefore an “A” student is a student with the last name of A-K.  This includes DLI students. On an “A” day, “A” students are in the building, and all DLI and all “B” students are responsible for remote instruction on this day.

“B” Students– A “B” student is a student with the last name found between L- Z. This includes DLI students. On a “B” day, “B” students are in the building and all DLI and all “A” students are responsible for remote instruction on this day.

Meanwhile, according to the Phase 1 schedule, Wednesdays are noted as “C” days, or, days that include remote learning for all- including all “A”, “B”, and “DLI” students.  Students are not in the building on such days.

The Digital Learning Initiative– DLI- is for students that have made the determination to stay 100% remote. They will have a schedule that is the same as their peers. Information was previously sent out and many of you expressed interest.  If you would still like this option OR you would like to switch to our hybrid or in-person model (depending upon phase), please contact your Assistant Principal:  9th and 11th grade- Mrs. Kathy Kidder  kkidder@helenaschools.org    ,  10th and 12th grade-  Mr. Walt Chancy     wchancy@helenaschools.org


High School Daily Schedule:

0 8:09 AM 8:51 AM
1 8:55 AM 9:37 AM
2 9:41 AM 10:23 AM
3 10:27 AM 11:09 AM
4 11:13 AM 11:55 AM
Lunch 11:55 AM 12:15 PM
5 12:19 PM 1:01 PM
6 1:05 PM 1:47 PM
7 1:51 PM 2:33 PM


Teachers will be using contractual time after the end of the 7th period to connect with remote learners- whether they be “A”, “B”, or “DLI” learners depending upon the day of the week and the phase that we are in.



As previously shared will all of you, a reminder that masks must be worn at all times in the school building.  More specifically, per new information, gators and bandana coverings are not acceptable as face coverings for the purposes of school attendance.

When should students arrive at the building?:

To keep everyone as socially distanced as possible, please do not drop off your student, or remind your student not to arrive, until a little before their first class of the day. Likewise, students need to use the nearest entrance to their first period class, rather than automatically going in one of the “main” entrances.

A reminder that social distancing is required at all times on Helproperties.

Bus questions:

If you have questions regarding transportation, please contact them directly at: transportation@helenaschools.org or at 324-2100.


There will be no meals served in our cafeteria. However, breakfast kiosks will be available around the school for students to get a grab and go breakfast that students can eat during their first period class.

Lunch will be a closed campus. Students will remain in their 4th period class for lunch. Students need to bring their own lunch or students will be able to individually go to a nearby Sodexo lunch cart to pick up their lunch.  We are still working with Sodexo to solidify how this will look.  There will not be any access to vending machines.


Students will not be issued lockers. We are doing everything we can to minimize hallway traffic. One way traffic, shortened passing time.

There are much more detailed plans for health and sanitation, technology expectations, school operations, special education, etc. We will send these frequently so as not to overwhelm everyone.   I simply want to take this moment to welcome you back and get you some details as you start preparing for the new academic year.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Again, welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!

As always, GO BRU!

Brett Zanto
Capital High School