Night to Shine – February 18, 2020

The Night to Shine Production Team is pleased to announce the 2020 Night to Shine Cast.

Night to Shine Acts (not in order of performance)
Sarah Fischer – Sarah Fischer Vocal
Alyssa Mendez – Ava Maria Vocal
Seely Garrett – Vienna Dance
Kendyll Sommers – Tongue Tied Irish Dance
Elsa Grebenc – EFGH Guitar + Vocal
Azaria Evans – Someone You Like Vocal
Caleb Lay – Oh No Vocal + Guitar + Loop
Sara Betz – Bent Words Vocal + Ukulele
Leslie West Fool – Cavetown Vocal + Ukulele
Elsie Harrington – Aus Holberg’s Zeit, Op 40, Prelude Piano
Sapphine Feruson – Jetty Sarabande Violin
Jeff Meyer – No Hands Jazz Ensemble
Sophia Albright – Vanishing Lake Irish Dance
Ben Medina – Caplis Blinded MT Rock Band
Chris Shields – Hotel California / Spank Rock Band
Meghan Logan – Hallelujah Vocals
Fallon Turner – Slip Vocal
Kaelyn Gardner – Kaelyn Gardner Vocal
Marie Romano – Into the Unknown Vocal
Devyn Wunderwald – How D’Ya Like Your Eggs… Vocal
Alex Crisp – Dueling Violins Violins
Jaycee Hamlin – Fragile Dance
Lillian Hollibaugh – Horizon Dance
John Goodwin – Piano Performance Piano
Norah White Arlington – Vocal (guitar, piano, viola)
Josie Wunderwald – Black Coffee Vocal + Piano
Chase Nielsen – Yesterday Vocal + guitar
Wes Bruski – Wes Bruski Vocal (guitar)
Isaiah Fehr – The Playground Big Band – Jazz

Important Night to Shine Deadlines:
February 16-17, 2020 – Show Rehearsals @ Helena Civic Center
February 18, 2020 – 27th Annual Night to Shine Show

For further information, visit us online at DECA Night to Shine.


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