Tuesday, September 3, 2019


Be Responsible by being on time to class and prepared to learn

COME AUDITION FOR THE CROSS-TOWN MUSICAL, THE MUSIC MAN! Auditions are Thursday, September 5th in the auditorium starting at 4:00. No experience? Nothing memorized? No problem! Come as you are, and we’ll be glad to have you! For questions, please see Ms. Brayko in room 113 or the auditorium.

Student Council will be meeting in room 211 this year on Tuesdays.

Do you play an instrument? Would you like to be a part of the LIVE ORCHESTRA for our Cross-town Musical?? Talk to Ms. Brayko or Mr. Harris to learn more!

Knitting club will meet on Fridays at lunch in room 121

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Come join Service Club (formerly known as Key Club) to do your part for your school and community while logging valuable volunteer hours. Our first meeting is this Friday September 6th at lunch in room 206.

Activities September 3-6

Tues                       S/JV/Var Volleyball                             4/5:30/7 pm                                                               Bozeman @CHS

Tues                       Frosh Volleyball                                   4/5:30 pm                                                                 Bozeman @CHS

Wed                       Golf                                                         10 am                                                                        HHS @ Fairmont

Thurs                      Golf                                                         9 am                                                                           HHS @ Fairmont

Thurs                      Var /JV boys/girl’s soccer                  3:30/5:30 pm                                                           at Sentinel

Thurs                      S/JV/Var Volleyball                            4/5:30 pm                                                                   at Butte

Fri                           Var Football                                         7 pm                                                                          at Great Falls High

Fri                           JV Football                                            3 pm                                                                         at Great Falls High

Sat                          JV/Var Boys/Girls Soccer                   11/1 pm                                                                   Helena High @ NW Park

Sat                          Boys/Girls CC                                       10 am                                                                       at Belgrade

Sat                          Frosh Football                                      12 pm                                                                        at Great Falls High

Sat                          S/JV/Var Volleyball                             10/11:30/1 pm                                                        Hellgate @CHS

Sat                          Frosh Volleyball                                   10/11:30 am                                                           Hellgate @CHS