Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Be Responsible by setting aside time every day to study

Youth in Government will meet today in Tech 2. Time to start writing bills!

CHS students and faculty come party in the gym Thursday at lunch to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  We will have live music, and free photos.   If you like to dance bring your friends and shake it up! Valentine cookies will be sold to help raise funds for Haydee Wright.  Niceness is Priceless thanks you in advance for your support.  See you in the gym at lunch on Thursday!

Junior Prom meeting at lunch on Wednesday in room 2. 

Activities February 11-15

Fri           S/JV/Var Girls BB                4/5:45/7:30 pm    Flathead at CHS

Fri           Frosh Girls BB                     4:30 pm                  at 4Gs

Fri           S/JV/Var Boys BB                4/5:30/7:15            at Flathead

Fri           Frosh Boys BB                     5 pm                       at Rankin Elem

Sat          F/S/JV/Var Girls BB             9:15/10:45/12:30/2  at CHS

Sat          F/S/JV/Var Boys BB             9:15/10/45/12:30/2  at Glacier