Monday, February 11, 2019


Be Responsible by setting aside time every day to study

Youth in Government will meet Tuesday in Tech 2. Time to start writing bills!

Activities February 11-15

Fri           S/JV/Var Girls BB                 4/5:45/7:30 pm    Flathead at CHS

Fri           Frosh Girls BB                       4:30 pm                at 4Gs

Fri           S/JV/Var Boys BB                4/5:30/7:15            at Flathead

Fri           Frosh Boys BB                      5 pm                      at Rankin Elem

Sat          F/S/JV/Var Girls BB             9:15/10:45/12:30/2  at CHS

Sat          F/S/JV/Var Boys BB            9:15/10/45/12:30/2  at Glacier