Monday, January 14, 2019


Be a Graduate by making sure you earn 23 credits while at CHS

Winter Formal is Friday, February 1st! Check for fliers and posters around the school for information. Tickets will go on sale after finals week.

Power lifting meeting at noon in weight room on Wednesday

Students in Mrs. Anderson Photography class have been decorating the ceiling tiles. You will be amazed by the School Beautification Project recently installed in the Music wing. The goal of the project is to inspire students in the areas that they are most interested in personally, priming students to become involved in art, music, science, math, sports, clubs etc. We want the school to be a comfortable, fun & inspiring place for students to learn. We want students to feel like this is their space. You can find the art beautification Part I in the music wing and Part II in the library foyer. Coming soon is Part III for the main foyer.

Activities January 14-18

Thurs               Boys BBall X-TOWN      2:15/4/5:45/7:30 pm                at HHS

Fri                    Girls BBall X-TOWN       4:30 HMS/4/5:45/7:30 pm       at HHS