Monday, January 7, 2019


Be Respectful by having an appropriate voice level in the hallway

Any boy not involved in a winter activity is invited to Track workouts after school starting Monday, January 7th.  Monday workout starts at 2:30 and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday start at 3:30.  We will be on the North Deck in the gymnasium.

This will give you a great head start on the season.  Start thinking about getting your physical and your concussion form signed for the upcoming season.

A representative from Columbia University will be in the Career Center on today at 11:30 am. Sophomores and Juniors are encouraged to join too!

Activities January 7-11

Tues     S/JV/Var Boys BB        4/5:45/7:30 pm         at CHS

Tues     Frosh Boys BB            4:30 pm                      Sentinel at 4 G’s

Tues     F/S/JV/Var Girls BB     4/4/5:30/7 pm           at Sentinel

Tues     JV/Var Wrestling         5/7:00 pm                  at CMR

Thurs   F/JV/Var Girls BB         4/5:45/7:30 pm         at CHS

Thurs   F/S/JV/Var Boys BB     4/4/5:30/7 pm           at Hellgate

Fri/Sat Var Wrestling               10/9:30 am                at Rocky Mtn

Fri/Sat Speech/Debate                                               at Great Falls

Sat       JV Wrestling                  9:00 am                      at Big Sky Inv.

Sat       Swim                             12:00 pm                    at Great Falls