2.12.18 Principal Newsletter

What a great game of avoidance ball last Wednesday!  The staff team did a great job and thank you to all of you who were willing to participate.  Likewise, a big thank you to Kathy Kidder and the rest of planning committee for all of your efforts in organizing this recent assembly.

Current sophomores will be registering this week (and current juniors will be meeting with counselors on Tuesday since they were not able to register on Friday).

BBall make up games from Friday vs. Glacier High (also impacts upcoming crosstown girls game):

February 12 CHS Boys vs Glacier Frosh 4:30 pm at 4G’s Soph 4 pm JV 5:45 pm and Varsity 7:30 pm

February 16 CHS Girls at Glacier Frosh/Soph 4 pm JV 5:30 and Varsity 7:15 pm

February 19 HHS Girls vs Capital, times TBD, at CHS


I received the following message from a parent last week.  Such a message is nice to share as it not only exemplifies your impact on students, but it also highlights the impact that students have on all of us and reminds us of why we are here!

This morning I dropped my son off in front of the gym doors as usual.  As I was going up the incline to enter Valley drive, I stopped at the crosswalk to yet two young ladies cross.  Even though I have new studded tires on the vehicle I was driving, the end result was that my tires were spinning and I wasn’t going anywhere.  A truck was riding my bumper, so I couldn’t back up and get a running start.  Before I even had a chance to motion to the driver behind me to back up, the two young ladies that I let cross lined up on my trunk and started pushing.

 They apparently had a good breakfast, because I started moving.  I think one of them may have fallen or slipped, because I saw her brushing off her clothes.  I don’t know if my tires sprayed her or what.  They were laughing I think, so I continued on.  I did not take or have the opportunity to thank them.

 No doubt their parents upbringing had a role in this, but I would like to think that the values taught in our local school system played a role as well.  It was very nice to see these young ladies offer assistance when they weren’t even asked.

 So if you see some young ladies walking the halls that look like they need to wash some of their clothes, take it easy on them…

 Have a great day and thank for all you and your faculty do!