Counseling Department Spring Newsletter

Dear Students and Parents,

The next couple of months are a very busy time in the counseling department. We would like to share what we have upcoming so you can plan ahead on your calendar and know what we are working on to assist your students.

Schedule Changes for Semester 2

1/22/18 The 1st day of the new semester- Students wanting to make schedule changes for the new semester have until 2/2/18 to get them signed off and finalized. All changes require teacher and parent signatures. Students can choose to change to classes that are offered for S2. Changing of instructors only is not permitted by the counseling department. In addition, going less than 6 credit-bearing classes as a senior must be approved by Mrs. Kidder. Other grades require additional meetings with admin and extenuating circumstances to be approved. For Grades 11 and 9, Mr. Chancy, for Grades 12 and 10, Mrs. Kidder.

Dual Credit Time Line

Students in S2 Dual Credit Courses (Statistics, Intro to Lit, College Writing, MS Word, MS Excel, Auto) will be given their registration forms on Monday (1/22/18)

They are due to the counseling department on Tuesday (1/30) when the rep from Helena College will be in the counseling department from 8:30-2:00 to collect the papers. If they are not turned in during this window, students will have to deliver them to Helena College by 2/1. Bills will be sent out 2/2 and will be due to Helena College 2/22. Items that miss the deadlines will not be accepted.

2018-2019 Class Registration

February is registration month in the counseling department, and our attention will be shifted to helping students apply for classes next year.

CRA Week- Future Frosh Reg  January 29- Feb 2

Monday- Counselors Meet with Students

Wednesday – Incoming Frosh Tour CHS

Thursday – Parent Night 6-7 CHS Aud.

Friday- Counselor Pick up Reg forms

Junior Week- Future Senior Reg  February 5-9

Monday- Class Visits by counselors (American History)

Tues-Thursday- Counselors available to answer student registration questions

Friday- Students register with counselors in Library

Sophomore Week- Future Junior Reg February 12-16

Monday- Class Visits by counselors (Biology Classes)

Tues-Thursday- Counselors available to answer student registration questions

Friday- Students register with counselors in Library

Freshman Week- Future Soph Reg February 20-23

Tuesday- Class Visits by counselors (World Cultures Classes)

Wednesday-Thursday- Counselors available to answer student registration questions

Friday- Students register with counselors in Library

One big registration change is we are no longer printing the registration guide, it can be accessed here

CHS Registration Guide

Parent Nights

During Registration Weeks the Counseling Department had been hosting parent nights where we attempted to provide you with as much information we could about registration as well as upcoming post-high school planning. Unfortunately, our attendance has dwindled to the point that we didn’t feel it was feasible to continue doing. But we do feel the information that we gave in the meetings was important, so we did create a video presentation that you can access here.

A link directly to the YouTube video –

Suicide Prevention at CHS

The counseling departments at both high schools have worked hard to help develop a comprehensive suicide prevention and mental health awareness program.

YAM (Youth Aware of Mental health)– Freshman year program run through the Frosh PE courses presented by outside mental health professionals. Some completed in the fall, the rest are finishing this month. For more info on YAM, please contact Mrs. Meldrum or Josyln Davidson at

QPR (Question, Persuade, Respond)- a Sophomore program run through the Health classes by health teachers. The focus of this program is for students to reach out for help if they feel their friend is at risk.

SOS (Signs of Suicide)- Junior year program, presented in US History classes by counselors. SOS will be presented this spring, and the focus is to try to learn how to recognize the signs of mental health struggles in themselves or peers and to reach out for help. Students will be taught ACT (Acknowledge, Care, Tell)


Career Cruising

The counseling department has completed career cruising lessons with the Freshman, Sophomore, and Senior classes. We will do Junior Career Cruising lessons in February so students have the opportunity to come up with their 5 colleges to send their ACT Scores to.

The focuses at each level are

Freshman Year– Learning Styles Inventory, Career Matchmaker (looking at interests and careers that match them

Sophomore year– Reality Check- Looking at the lifestyle students want and the salaries needed to provide that lifestyle. We then researched careers and the salaries and checked to see if they would match up with the lifestyle plan.

Junior Year– Post Secondary High School planning. We will spend the period working with them on their post-high school plans.

Senior Year– We worked with them on finalizing their post-high school plans, taught them how to scholarship searches.

ACT for Juniors

Once again, CHS will be facilitating the ACT test for all juniors on Tuesday, March 20th at Great Northern Inn Conference Room. You will receive several communications from CHS regarding this, but we wanted to make sure it is on your calendar.

We have several ACT Prep opportunities upcoming, you should receive an orange flier about this as well.

We will have an online prep option, afterschool option, as well as an intensive ACT Prep class offered by Sycamore learning. The prep class will be Wednesday and Thursday, February 7th and 8th. We will run 2 different evening sessions, 1 from 3:30-6 and the other from 6:30-9 so you can pick the time that works best for you. This is a great opportunity and the cost is $75. You will be receiving a letter in the mail shortly and you can sign up at . Please feel free to contact Mr. Robinson if you have additional questions.

AP Testing

Students in AP courses will start getting information about the tests in March and signing up for the tests between 3/1 and 3/23. The cost is $94 per test and they will sign up through the bookkeeper.

The testing schedule for May

7– AP Chemistry Test

8– AP Spanish Language Test

9– AP English Literature Test

10– AP Government Test

11– AP US History Test

14– AP Biology Test

15– AP Calculus AB, BC Tests

16– AP English Language Test

16– AP MacroEcon (PM)

18– AP Micro Econ

18– AP European History Test (PM)


Senior Awards Night

Thursday, May 3rd  at 6:30 in the CHS Auditorium. This is a great event where we honor our seniors for all their hard work. Contact Rebecca Troainos for more info at


Graduation this year will be on June 2nd  and this year CHS has the afternoon session.

Stay tuned to this webpage for updated info on graduation.

Scholarship Information

Remember to keep checking our scholarship page; it is updated at least weekly. There are currently over 50 scholarships listed on the page.


One big scholarship with an upcoming deadline is the Montana University System Honors Scholarship.

It has a March 15th deadline


More information:

The MUS Honor Scholarship is a 4-year renewable scholarship that waives the recipient’s tuition when used at an eligible campus. The value varies depending upon which campus the student attends

Another scholarship to highlight is the Angel Fund Scholarship, which is only for Helena Public Schools students.

Angel Fund Scholarships

  • Deadline: March 16, 2017

Award:  $1,000

(For Helena Graduates Only)

As always, you can also follow our social media accounts for up to date information.

Contact Info

If you need to contact your counselor, you can at

A-D students- Mr. Robinson

E-K Students- Mrs. Meldrum

L-Ri Students- Ms. Bawden

Ro-Z Students- Mr. Ferlicka

Career Center- Ms. Troainos

Counseling Secretary- Mrs. Crane

We hope this helps you navigate this spring and all the big things happening.

All the best, CHS Counseling Department