Tuesday, November 14, 2017

EXPECTATION OF THE WEEK: Be a Graduate by participating in some sort of extra-curricular activity

Girls Basketball Players:  Tryouts begin Thursday, Nov 16.  If you are planning to try out, please make sure you have signed up with Coach Pilgeram and turned in physical with concussion forms prior to tryouts.

Pacific Lutheran will be in Career Center on Wednesday at 10:45 AM

UofM Western will be in Career Center on Thursday at 8:30 AM

Please come ask these advisors questions about the schools, programs, and application process!

Hey..want some poutine (pronounced poo-teen)!!?  Yes, you do!  This Canadian specialty is sure to please:  French fries, smothered in yummy gravy and topped with melted mozzarella cheese curds.  French Club will be selling it in the library foyer for $3 on Thursday and Friday at lunch.  Come get some ‘eh?!

Activities for the Week:  

Thurs-Sat              7:00        Fiddler on the Roof                               CHS