Weekly Update 5.21.2017


The last full week of school, hard to believe.  Things are getting crazy, and there is nothing like getting an email on Friday morning that states, “There are 20 unfilled absences this morning in the district. Please put Plan B in place.” There are concerts this week, as well as the Arts and Trade Show, and the  8th graders are visiting once again for the annual 8th Grade Activity Fair.

Congratulations to Sue Butler- as she is the 2017 Montana Family and Consumer Science Teacher of the Year.  Congratulations Sue!

National Math Champs?  I know that the news was shared last week, but it worth bringing it up again!  In case you have not read the following article yet, please take a look.  Outstanding job by our students.  Another great honor for CHS students this year.


Attached are photos from various community service projects that students recently completed in classes:

-The first two attached photos were provided by Mr. Pearce- some of his students recently completed a large ramp for Mrs. Sieminksi’s brother in law who is in need of wheel chair access to her house.  The following details are provided by Christina Sieminski:

A month and a half ago my mother-in-law, who we were very close took her own life.  This has been the hardest thing my family has dealt with.  Aaron’s brother Rudy is a quadriplegic with Cerebral palsy and we’ve taken over his care.  We wanted to be able to bring Rudy into our home but didn’t have a way to get him in the house.  Bob Pierce (and Jim Weber who referred me to Bob) agreed to have his students build a ramp in time for my daughter’s birthday party so that Uncle Rudy could join us!  So I wanted to take the time to give a huge thanks from my family to Bob for taking this on.  And an even bigger thanks to two of our students Asher Easterby and Jacob Fluery for taking time outside of school to visit our house, take measurements and plan out the ramp.  The two boys worked so hard over the past month to design the ramp in CAD (Asher), to go to Power Townsend to pick up the supplies, and to go to our house and complete the project for us.  Jacob and Asher will always have a special place in my heart for taking this on!  Thanks so much Bob for making this happen for us!!!

-The last photo was provided by Mr. Weber, who stated the following: These 3 arch ways were designed and built by my Welding 3 class seniors and they will go into the community garden at Ray Bjork School and the PEAK program. They finished them up today.   They did a tremendous job and they were a massive amount of work.  The project was done as a community service project .  The students intentionally bid the job for an extra $500  so they made $500 profit from which they donated all the profit to Big Hearts Under the Big Sky.   It was a win/win for everyone and I couldn’t be prouder of the young men.

It is great to see our students helping out the community!!!

Congratulations to Coach Swenson girls tennis- 2nd place at state!  Also, I believe that the Powers sisters garnered the first ever girls doubles state title in school history.

Thank you to the Earth Science teachers as well as the PE department for their efforts in providing the annual freshman field trips last week.  What a great experience for our students.

Finally, junior students have been stopping by the counseling office to catch a glimpse of their recent scores.  At one point, there was actually stretching out into the hallway- how cool is that?