Weekly Update 5.14.17

Happy Mother’s Day to those of you moms out there!

We have passed another Vigilante Parade week.  Thank you to all of you in your respective roles to ensure that such a large event runs relatively smoothly.  For those students who participated in the Vigilante Academy sponsored by the HEF, not only did they complete various community service projects, but they instilled a little school pride on the fence along Custer Avenue as well.  The following video was submitted by Hailey Selch- take a look.


Thank you to Kathy Kidder and the rest of the assembly-planning crew as we experienced the final pep assembly of the year.

SMART School Symposium, from Sarah Urban:
Attached is a picture of the students getting ready to present at the SMART Schools Symposium last week.  The Governor used our project as an example in his talk at the beginning.

Math news?:
Dennis Peterson informed me that our math team tied for first place (with North Carolina Science and Math HS) as national champions in their most recent math competition that they participated in during Spring Break.  They met with the IR and I will have more details once this information is published.  What an outstanding achievement- stay tuned for more details!!!