Weekly Update 05.07.17

Giddee up- it’s Vigilante Parade Week!  Plus, it is an assembly week- it does not get any better than this!!!!

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of the bond- how exciting for our district!

Thank you to Student Council for providing lunch last week once again.  Also, Hailey Selch and the yearbook students donated some money to Student Council to help pay for it as well.

Great job to the English department for scoring the district writing assessment for the majority of last week.  I can’t wait to see the results.   Speaking of writing, the HEF hosted the Pen and Ink Publication Party at the county library on Friday night.  Take a look at a copy when you get a chance.  A shout out to the Fine Arts and English departments for the support and preparation that they provide for the students highlighted in this annual publication.  On Friday night, the four HEF Harrison Writing Award recipients read their pieces out loud- all four winners were from CHS.

Finally, great job to Lisa Richards for organizing the Senior Award Night last Monday, as well as to Sean Deola and his efforts in the NHS Induction as well as Dennis Peterson’s speech to the NHS students- there are a lot of them!!!