Capital High School Students are going to Peru in 2017!

Dear Parents and Students,

Capital High School Students are going to Peru in 2017!

Excursions like this are a great way to enhance learning opportunities for every CHS student! The trip is designed to focus on global, cultural and travel skills necessary to exist in a global world. Therefore, to enrich a student’s life experiences, we have organized a rich tour featuring a different part of the world each year.

The 2017 trip to Peru will be a special treat for every CHS student. This educational experience is a perfect way to enrich the subjects you love.  For example, the archaeological and architectural phenomenon of Machu Picchu will provide insight into the life and survival of the Incas; while those interested in the sciences will experience environmental systems and participate in naturalist activities. Students who travel with us can practice a foreign language, experience the arts, contemplate engineering feats, and more. Therefore, as a way to enrich a student’s high school career, we have worked hard to offer an amazing trip for kids to experience life’s educational adventures.

Where and how do I sign up?  It costs $95 to lock in the price and to secure your spot. It’s very easy to sign up on line ( and the tour number is 1724471EC).  Many fun, effective fundraisers are available to pay for the cost of your trip.  Students may join organized CHS fundraisers, do their own fundraisers or get a job. We are excited to plan our next adventure with you on board. What a wonderful opportunity for students and or parents to learn and experience unique, real life quests usually seen through images in a text book. Contact us if you have questions:

Here is what CHS students and parents have had to say about our past tours: “I wasn’t sure what I was going to do in college but now I’m inspired”, “This experience has changed our son’s life”, ” I would do whatever it takes to go on another trip”, “This whole experience has done what had hoped it would and more!”   Hope to see you on board.


Genevieve Anderson   459-9311           
and Sue Butler            324-2531/431-2460

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