Dr. Dava Newman Visits Capital High

On Monday, March 7, Capital High former student, Dr. Dava Newman spoke to the Capital High science classes in the CHS auditorium. Dr. Newman was recently appointed Deputy Administrator of NASA.

Along with NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, Newman is responsible for providing overall leadership, planning, and policy direction for NASA. Newman performs the duties and exercises the powers delegated by the administrator, assists the administrator in making final agency decisions, and acts for the administrator in his absence by performing all necessary functions to govern NASA operations and exercises the powers vested in the agency by law. Newman also is responsible for articulating the agency’s vision and representing NASA to the Executive Office of the President, Congress, heads of federal and other appropriate government agencies, international organizations, and external organizations and communities. (https://www.nasa.gov/about/highlights/newman_bio.html)

Dr. Newman spoke to the students about her involvement in in NASA’s ongoing Mars projects as well as other projects researching space flight and advanced space suit design.

She has authored an interactive Aerospace Engineering and Design textbook as well as over 250 papers in the field.

If you wish to view  a video of her speech, please click on the link below.