2003 Vigilante Parade

Helena was treated to Vigilante Parade #80 on Friday afternoon. (Photos below)

Miners, homesteaders, pioneers, cowboys and Indians wound their way along Last Chance Gulch in a two-hour spectacle of colorful and lively display.
Montana’s famous and infamous came to life, some from the distant past and others of more recent celebrity. The annual event showcased 166 floats built by Capital and Helena High students.
The Wahl Cup was awarded to the senior class for having the most winning entries with the freshmen taking second place, the sophomores third, and juniors forth.
Sweepstakes , Cooking On The Range; Seth Schultz, Maggie Gudmundsen, Maggie Lamoreux, Phil Legg, Brooke Slevin, Tessa Smith
Judges Award, Flowers on the Fourth of July; Katie Baumler, Katie McLean
Most Artistic, Last Chance Stampede Fair; Mollie McAlpine, Kayla Royse, Dani Kaiser, Teri Reeser, Autumn Parisi, James Masterson, Ryan Kussman, Brenna Kindrick, Samantha Howell, Nycole Henes, Rachel Ellmaker, David Ames, Orrin Tiberi
Most Humorous , first, Big Cow Pie in the Big Sky; Jeff Plaggemeyer, Glen Tinsky, Ada Leaphart, Drioux DeMato, Leslie Boynton, Maggie Carr, Ryann Milne-Price, Kadee Nielsen, Sky Orndoff, Tracy Wirak, Katy Reed, Kyle Perkins
Most Historical , first, Broadwater Hotel: A Helena Dynasty; Nicole Meyer, Danielle Moullet, Joy Johnson, Laura Smith, Tess Romero, Jannelle Armstrong, Melissa Bradley, Bridgette Espeland, Sarah Fleisner , Katie Hagmeier, Katie Hayworth, Ashley Simac
Freddy Wong, Early Chinese Businesses; Devon McKenna, Michelle Wilkison, Neal Livezey-Artz, Veronica Johnson, Abigail Gobbs, Michael Finch, Nate Ferro, Krysta Dziak, Jessie Brown, Rachel Belling
Environmental, first place, Little-Mann Gulch Fire; Andrea Fitch, Kristin Durney, Ashley Drivdahl, Kelly Bradiley, Nicole Henne, Britney Henne
Historical, first place, The Flight of the Cathedral; Samantha Schmidt, Jeffery Weber, Ray Lombardi, Lauren Korn, Tucker Johnson, Colin Harwell, Kevin Harlen, Colin Cooney, Kyle Blessinger, Heather Grotbo, Susan Wheeler, Justin Folsom
Historical,second place, Virgina City Ghosts; Christian Munck, Stevie Kimmet, Ryan Kepler, Anne Runkel, Laura Evilsizer, Jen Neal, Kayte Bonahoom, Nathan Phillips, Sam Hay,
Historical, third place, Montana Steamboats – Chippewa; Keifan Franklin, Seth Thorson, Kyle Roope, Ryan McGowan, JoeLinquist, Derek Jones, Chase Dalin, Danielle Adams, Lena May-Fraser, Harrison Viera, Brandon Lamping, Tanner Sexton
Historical, forth place, The State Capital Band of 1935; Lia Thomas, Jared Smith, Pat Fradette, Carrie Foster, Amy Endner, Deena Davis, Katie Goodhar, Jessica Vashro
Mining, first place, Drumlummon Mine; Chance McDowell, Morgan Cerovski, Tim Smallwood, Jake Phillips, Kyle Melvin, Mick Lantz, Brock Harris, Dana Driggs, Ben Rostocki, Stephen Saravalli,
Mining, second place, Unsuccessful Mining; AJ Dube, Mike Opie, Kyle Opie, Jorel Quiroz
Miscellaneous, first place,Taxidermy in Montana; Carl Christianson, Drew Woolsey, Cody Bahny
Miscellaneous, second place, The Flathead Lake Monster; Sarah Carter, Andy Erickson, Stephanie Gee, Laura Mahoney, Jessica Mostad, Ashley Smith, Jake Thielen, Katie Hilmer
Miscellaneous, third place, Rustlers; Kyrie Hoang, Alex Wadell, Ry Paull, Logan Nordahl, Colin Martin, Dillon Johnson, Dolan Gilreath, Matt Komac
Miscellaneous, forth place, The Butte Walkathon; Josie Adams, Katie Ferry, Will MacBride, Lindsay Brown, Rachel Waniata, Jace Bovingtong, Carina Beneventi, Courtney Block
Pioneer business, first place Making Roughlock Chains; Kurt Kockler, Kevin Cox, Sean Hill,
Pioneer business, second place, A Doctor and a Blacksmith of Virginia ; Jessica Rice, Michelle Anderson, Megan Hays, Brandy Love, Kate Elhart, Greg Coen

Pioneer business, third place, Myrna Loy Center, Then and Now; Gary Green, Jared Pasma, Tony Stehr, Darrick Zuelke, Jessie Wollenberg, Ross Boushey, Amanda Spurlock
Pioneer life, first place, Happens After The Job Is Done; Kaelynn Olsen, Colin Dion, Alexandria Tuttle, Sonja Nelson, Alyssa Driver, Jeremy Burrows, Ryan Fetherston
Pioneer life, second place, Montana Hide & Fur Trade Company; Alex Clark, James Foley, Matt Hustad, Jim McLean
Pioneer life, third place, Mary Cruse Hosts Tea Party at Thomas Cruse Mansion; Danelle Lazzari, Jasmine Hart, Kelsey George, Lacey Forcina, Amy Crawford

Pioneer life, forth place, “Dyeing” Buffalo; Lara Lovelace, Rosie Worthen, Leanna Vaughan, Chris Stuberg, Molly Poell, JoAnna Nelson, Katherine Neiman, Miranda McAdams, Tawni Loraas, Trista Vogl-lyon,

Pre-HistoryF, first place, Supervolcano: The Yellowstone Caldera; Andy Heiman, Joe Yeager, Jon Tweeten, Steffan Rasile, Matt Maloy, Miles Anfinson, Ben McDonald

Walking, first place, Lewis and Clark Traveling the Missouri; Justin Wiseman, Steve Swanson, Andrew Hohn, Tim Larson, Jamie Ma
Famous People, first, Vince Yannon and History of Montana; Manda Shute, Kelsey Cumley, Jessica Freeman, Nikita McLaughlin, Kelly Shute, Desiree West
Horseback , first, The US Cavalry in Yellowstone National Park; Brittney Wigert, Amber Zarske,

Indian Float, first, Madison Buffalo Jump; Sam Spencer, Sean Herrin, Tim Buswell, Micah Crowley, Chase Gill, Alex Grevas, Jeff Maes, Jason Mclaughlin, Liam Satre-Meloy, Mike Scanlon

Indian Float, second, Madison Buffalo Jump; Elizabeth Reynolds, Cailin Gilreath, Lauren Kearl, Rayla Brandewie, Allysha Cohenour, Erin McKeon
Montana Education , first, Little Red School House; Chelsey Hallsten, Kira Duncan, Chase Capdeville, John Borske, Molly Horton, Charles Pierce
Montana Education , second, “The Road to Montana”; Jessica Ahern, Brian Anderson, Christina Garrett, Layla Mathis
Montana Education , third, Senior Skip Day 1923; Meaghan Ives, Holly Weber, Brian Marty, Brian David
Recreation, first, After Prom at Yat Son’s; McKenzie Farrell, Lindsay Erickson, Margette Heilman, Caitlyn Symons, Hailie Swain, Lindsey Redmond, MacKenzie Clark, Lindsey Holliday, Emily Brosten, Kelsey Crawford, Cara Chaet, Erica Kresge
Recreation, second, A Girl’s Night Out at the Sunset Drive-in; Erin Vashro, Katie Gilboy, Brianna Hendrix, Shawnae Huffsmith, Brittany LaSalle, Megan Podolinsky, Miranda Reich, Nicole Robertson, Rachelle Timmer, Hannah Weinert
Recreation, third, Old Fashion Hoedown; Shanna Schmitz, Katy Schulke, Shayla Schmitz, Jayme Eichler, Jenny Harper, Mary Clare Kelley, Erica McAlmond, Jess Miller, Christina Smetana, Heather Pastorius
Vehicles, first, 1923 Model T. ; Cassie M. Carlson
Vehicles, second, 1956 Chevy Pickup; Shea Forkan, Dustin O’Connell, Sam Wattnem, Eddie Wilkinson
shek, Sam Park, Christel Riitano, Nate Susag, Sam Warn