2015 Vigilante Parade

Vigilante Day Parade Award Winners
Friday, May 01, 2015

The ninety-first  Vigilante Parade had 88 floats. With 41.1 percent of all Helena High and Capital High sophomores participating in the parade, the sophomore class won the A.J. Roberts Cup. Juniors ranked next highest, with 40.6 percent participation, while seniors and freshmen had rates of 40.4 percent and 33.7 percent respectively.

Grand Champion

Kleffner Ranch (in Pioneer Life category): Kellen Elder, Tanner MacMahon, Logan McMillan, Isaiah Meza, Carter Pappas, Peyton Pappas, Colin Sassano, and Jabin Syvrud.

Most Historically Authentic

Northern Pacific East Helena Depot (in Mining and Transportation category): Scott Harris, Sean Harris, Dawson Hildenstab, Jared Northrup, and Cooper Pizzini. These students will be receiving this prize at the Montana Historical Society.

American Indian

1. Madison Buffalo Jump: Allison Aschim, Connor Dowdy, Kendall French, Isabel Hamper, Daniel O’Malley, and Marcus Welnell.
2. Buffalo Hunting: Hannah Roher-Fitzhugh, Grace Allen, Clarice Burger, Ashley Carlson, Elena Carter, Allie DeMarinis, Kyer Frederick, Madyson Holmlund, Alyssa Magee, Reisa Pierson, Celina Sanchez, and Kasstidy Tanihill.

Historic Helena

1. Spring Meadow: Madi Quick, Kyra Dawes, Wyatt Duthie, Hunter Fairclough, Emily Hill, Matt Lesofski, Cody Lucas, Toree Rensmon, and Savanna Bigness.
2. Helena’s State Fair: Bailee Vardy, Kena Arnell, Lilia Carson, Maggie Dobson, Tamara Hayward, Jennifer Moore, Brian Pennington, Emma Penrod, Cory Pentecost, Jennifer Pentecost, and Cole Wollitz.
3. Holter Hardware Then / Museum Now: Niami Childs, Emma Brandt, Sydney Deweert, Delaney Knudson, Macie Krug, Montana Roberts, Vinessa Sandford, Sarah Thomas, Taylor Truax, Carly Wilson, and Kaycee Woodward

Pioneer Life

1. “We can do it!” (Women of Helena During WWII): Marquette Davis, Leah Davis, Kendra Gensch, Rachel Sullivan, Faith, Mackenzie Orne, Sarah Chandler, Josie Christians, Katie Felde, Zoey Allen, Taustin Hauck, and Macy Livesay.
2. Henry Sieben’s Cattle Ranch: Kylee Lamphier, Robyn Avery, Kasey Barnes, Erin Berg, Kate Hope, Alissa Johnson, Karissa Kuchtyn, and Ivie McAlmond.

Helena Business

1. St. Peter’s Hospital: Kasydi Lucas, Margan Bartsch, Chelsi Ebelt, Lexi Johnston, Sidney Lamb, McKenna Pocha, Jaley Priddy, Caroline Rosling, Shea Sampson, and Shelby VanHemelryck.
2. Sunset Drive-In: Jessica Maynard, Jaci Baker, Madison Gates, Natalie Gates, Joseph Hagengruber, Madison Kelley, Ryan Kimball, Mathew McGinley, and Jade Olson.
3. Grand Pacific Bar: Gus Chancey, Jessie Alles, Walker Cozzie, Grace Kimball, Sydney Ladas, Shelby Rosston, and Addy Schull.

Famous People

1. Historic Helena Statues: Emma Anderberg, Claire Peterson, Connor Ashby, and Justin Mote.
2. Cromwell Dixon: Mary Hartman, Ryan Burger, Cassidy Burke, Kyle Hayter, and Kayla Pocha.

Mining and Transportation

1. Drumlummon Mine:Cole Morse, Josh Eagan, Tiffany Gruber, Austin Lee, Shayly Rane, Tucker Riesbeck, and Trevor Worthington.
2.  Drumlummon Mine: Landon Rivers, Mickey Branton, Canty Clayton, Jeanne Coyle, Dexter Dean, Daniel Fields, Grayson Hilborn, Connor Mclaury, Jacob Marsh, Morgan Reichert, and Daniel Smith.

Antique Vehicle

1. 1969 Cadillac Deville: Erin Fitzpatrick, Emily Buschini, Tiffany David, and Emily Griffiths.