Kelley Morand

Hello, I teach English II and Peer Mentoring.  Look for Peer Mentoring news under Upcoming Events and see English II lesson plans by clicking on English II Periods 3, 5 & 6 link below.

English II periods 3, 5 & 6

English II Daily Assignments:   

Thurs & Fri, Oct. 19 & 20:  No school. MEA convention.

Wednesday, Oct. 18:  Finish close read.  Maybe start summary.

Tuesday, Oct. 17:  Holocaust close read.

Monday, Oct. 16:  Do quizlet practice of Book Thief Lesson 2 and then quizlet live activity using lessons 1 and 2 words.  Continue with Holocaust close read.

Friday, Oct. 13:  Start Holocaust close read.  Required two pages.

Monday, Oct. 9–Thursday, Oct. 12:  Start revisions on personal essay Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday had a sub and started Book Thief lesson 2 vocabulary.  Comma handout.  Finish up revisions to personal essay on Wednesday & Thursday. Also, do the diagnostic test on NoRedInk.

Monday, Oct. 2-Friday, Oct. 6:  Look at counter claim PowerPoint. Tuesday & Wednesday read Witness for the Prosecution.  Friday, quiz over lesson 1 vocab.

Friday, Sept. 29:  Turn in vocabulary at the beginning of class for full credit.  Partial credit if late.  Practice vocab on  Watch The Goldfish short story film.

Thursday, Sept. 28:  Do Book Thief lesson 1 vocabulary, finish for homework.  Do grammar practice on

Wednesday, Sept. 27:  Do district writing assessment.

Tuesday, Sept. 26:  Continue review of argumentation.

Monday, Sept. 25:  Review argumentation writing.

Friday, Sept. 22:  Finish “Goldfish” story.  Take Reading Inventory.

Thursday, Sept. 21: Finished up notes & discussion on “A Sound of Thunder” if needed.  Made three wishes and started to read “What, of this Goldfish, Would You Ask?”

Wednesday, Sept. 20:  Finish “A Sound of Thunder.”  Discuss figurative language examples from the story.

Tuesday, Sept. 19:  Substitute today.  Take a few minutes to finish the questions and discuss Theme.  Start reading and questions for “A Sound of Thunder.”

Monday, Sept. 18:  Read “The Lottery” together and discuss.  Do the questions.

Friday, Sept. 15:  Finish notes on “One Thousand Dollars” and watch 2081–the film of the short story “Harrison Bergeron.”  Turn in the questions.

Thursday, Sept. 14:  Read the story “One Thousand Dollars” and do the questions.

Wednesday, Sept. 13:  Get in groups by row.  Find examples of figurative language (5), themes (3), irony, plot outline.  Put notes on a group white board and on the back of the “Harrison” questions.  Present information and turn in questions with notes for a grade.

Tuesday, Sept. 12:  Turn in essays–share them to Morand’s email.  Read and answer questions for “Harrison Bergeron.”

Monday, Sept. 11:  Type essay based on “Case of Cruelty” prompts.

Friday, Sept. 8:  Take notes on “A Case of Cruelty” irony, theme, POV.  Discuss personal narrative choices.  Start essay.  First complete draft due Monday at the end of class.

Thursday, Sept. 9:  Finish notes on “The Wife’s Story.”  Read “A Case of Cruelty.”

Wednesday, Sept. 10:  Picture day.  Took most of the period.  Started notes on “The Wife’s Story” in two classes:  theme, irony, tone, POV, foreshadowing.

Tuesday, Sept. 5:  Do close read on “The Wife’s Story.”  Turn in for a grade.  Sign up for and practice commas

Monday, Sept. 4:  No school.

Thursday & Friday, Aug. 31 & September 1:  Introduction activities.  Pair interviews and class bingo.  Sign up for and practice commas.





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