Kelley Morand

Hello, I teach English II and Peer Mentoring.  Look for Peer Mentoring news under Upcoming Events and see English II lesson plans by clicking on English II Periods 3, 5 & 6 link below.

English II periods 3, 5 & 6

English II Daily Assignments:   

Monday, June 5:  Review for test with study guide and

May 30–June 2:  Act out the play, do questions on your act, and complete a close read by Bryan Aubrey on the play.

No School Monday, May 29.

Tuesday–Friday:  Study the play and revise essays.

Monday, May 22:  Assign students to 1 of 3 acts of the play Twelve Angry Men.  Students read their act and choose roles.  The plan is to act out the play on Thursday and Friday, unless State sports interfere too much–next Monday and Tuesday.

Friday, May 19:  Finish last 20 minutes of the documentary (Awakenings segment).  Finish and turn in questions.  Use rest of the period to complete any writing revisions on Prom Night of District Assessment.

Thursday, May 18:  Start Eyes on the Prize documentary on the Civil Rights movement.  Complete reading questions.

Monday–Wednesday, May 15-17:  Revising Prom Night essays, typing district writing assessment, completing reading questions for “A Case of Cruelty” short story.

Thursday & Friday:  Vigilante parade work day and parade.  Anyone in class on Thursday can work on revisions or make-up assignments.

Wednesday, May 8:  Read “A Case of Cruelty” from blue textbook, page 264.

Tuesday, May 7:  Write the short essay on a theme from TKAM, using a quote for support.

Monday, May 6:  Go over a PowerPoint on Quotes:  how to introduce them, cite them and explain them.  Look at the theme statements from Friday.  Choose one and choose a quote from the handout or text to support the chosen theme.  We will write the one-paragraph essay tomorrow, using text evidence to support the theme.

Friday, May 5:  Look at theme for To Kill a Mockingbird.  Take theme topics and turn them into thematic statements to use in a paragraph essay.

Thursday, May 4:  Last 20 minutes of the film and then go ever the TKAM final test.

Wednesday, May 3: TKAM film.

Tuesday, May 2:  Substitute today while Morand grades writing assessments.  Students will complete the District Inventory of English Skills.  This is an assessment of grammar and literary terminology.  It is not for a grade.

Monday, May 1:  Continue the TKAM film.

Friday, April 28: Start the film To Kill a Mockingbird.  (Make sure that Prom Night essay is uploaded!)

Thursday, April 27:  Test over TKAM.  Look at the Scottsboro Boys trial web site and compare with trial in TKAM.

Wednesday, April 26:  Finish the books chapters 29-31 together.  Discuss. Test tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 25:  Read chapter 28.  Finish essay, if necessary.

Monday, April 24:  Type Prom Night in Mississippi Argumentative Essay.  Upload to when finished.

Tuesday, April 18:  Finish the last 10 minutes of Prom Night and start a t-chart on Cescily and John Ellis to list examples of why they should have attended the integrated prom only and why the white prom was also acceptable.  Received the prompt for writing an argument essay on one or the other student.

Monday, April 17:  No School

Friday, April 14:  Watch Prom Night in Mississippi. 

Thursday, April 13:  Quiz over chapters 20 & 21.  Read together and finish for homework chapters 22 & 23.

Wednesday, April 12:  District Writing Assessment

Tuesday, April 11:  Sub today.  Read chapters 20 & 21. Finish pre-write for sample writing prompt.

Monday, April 10: Review for District Writing Assessment that will take place on Wednesday.

Monday–Friday, April 3-6:  Read together chapters 15-19 with questions for 16-18.  Discuss the court proceedings.  Watch first part of

March 27-31 Spring Break

Fri., March 24:  Read chapter 14 of TKAM–do questions for 13 & 14.  Finish Jim Crow essay annotations.  Finish everything over break if not by Friday.  Research essay revisions due today for 3rd quarter grades.  Personal essay draft 1 due today–for start of 4th quarter grading.

Thurs., March 23: Read chapter 13 of TKAM and annotate pages 3 & 4 of “What is Jim Crow?”

Wed., March 22:  View clips about racism in film and media.

Tues., March 21:  Read together Chapter 12 of TKAM.

Mon., March 20:  Revise research paper and/or work on person essay.


Friday, Mar. 17:  Some discussion on the format of the essay and sharing samples of Actions essays.  Keep writing the essay and reading chapter 11.  Some students got back research essays and can revise the papers when done with the other work.  Final research essay due before spring break.

Thursday, Mar. 16:  Have a sub today.  Students should split the class between writing the first draft of the Actions essay and reading chapter 11 of TKAM.

Wednesday, Mar. 15:  Discuss how Atticus teaches life lessons to his kids.  Hand out Actions Speak Louder Than Words essay description and do a mindmap pre-write for your own essay on an adult in your life whose actions taught you something important.  Read and annotate page 2 of the Jim Crow article.

Tuesday, Mar. 14:  Take vocabulary quiz.  Start “What is Jim Crow?” close read.  Read and annotate page 1 in class.  Be sure to catch up through chapter 10.

Monday, Mar. 13:  Turn in chapter 8 & 9 questions and discuss reading. Review Quizlet vocabulary lessons on TKAM vocab and SAT vocab.  Quiz Tuesday.  Read together part of Chapter 10.  Finish for homework.


Friday, Mar. 10:  Read and do questions for chapter 9.

Thursday, Mar. 9: Read and do questions for chapter 8.

Wednesday, Mar. 8:  Write summary of chapter 6.  Read together and discuss chapter 7.  Handed out chapter 8 & 9 questions and assigned those two chapters for Thursday and Friday since several students will be done for state tournaments.  Questions due Monday.  Also, vocabulary quiz is moved to Friday on SAT 1 and TKAM 1 vocab.

Wednesday, Mar. 8:  Write summary of chapter 6.  Read together and discuss chapter 7.  Handed out chapter 8 & 9 questions and assigned those two chapters for Thursday and Friday since several students will be done for state tournaments.  Questions due Monday.  Also, vocabulary quiz is moved to Friday on SAT 1 and TKAM 1 vocab.

Tuesday, Mar. 7:  View a few minutes of TKAM movie to meet the characters.  Go over some powerpoint slides on Harper Lee’s background.  Read chapter 6 in class and finish for homework.  Be ready to write a summary of the action of chapter 6 in lieu of a quiz tomorrow.

Monday, Mar. 6:  Sub today.  Read chapter 5 in class and finish and turn in questions from chapters 3-5.  If done early, get a computer and practice SAT 1 vocab and TKAM 1 vocab on

Friday, Mar. 3:  Finish 4 for homework.

Thursday, Mar. 2:  Turn in TKAM vocabulary assignment.  Read chapters 3 & half of 4.  Do questions.  Quiz next week on TKAM and SAT 1 vocabulary.

Wednesday, Feb. 29:  All Morand’s English students will be released from class during all of 2nd period and part of 3rd period to attend a guest speaker on the Holocaust at the auditorium.  In class today, we discussed the guest speaker and worked on the TKAM vocabulary assignment.

Tuesday, Feb. 28:  Quiz over chapter 1.  Continue reading TKAM (To Kill a Mockingbird).  Read chapter 2.  Handed out TKAM vocabulary which is due Thursday.

Monday, Feb. 27:  Start To Kill a Mockingbird today.  Finish the last few pages through chapter 1, page 16.  Quiz over chapter 1 on Tuesday.

Tuesday-Friday, Feb. 21-24:  Research work, draft due Friday for review.  Vocab practice sentences on Wednesday.  Vocab test on Friday.

Monday-Friday, Feb. 13-17:  Research paper work.

Friday, Feb. 10:  Continue research.

Thursday, Feb. 9:  Go to library for instruction on plagiarism and citing sources.

Wednesday, Feb. 8:  Continue research.  Read and highlight articles.

Tuesday, Feb. 7:  Start research paper.  Students receive their research folder and start reading the first article.  DOL sentence.

Monday, Feb. 6:  Read “What, of this Goldfish, Would You Ask?” story from the Collections textbook. Will take notes later this week.  DOL sentence.

Friday, Feb. 3:  Finish the film.  Start discussion of the research project.

Thursday, Feb. 2:  Continue the film.

Wednesday, Feb. 1:  Continue the film.  Sign up for Holocaust rescuer research paper–choose a rescuer.

Tuesday, Jan. 31:  Start the movie for The Book Thief.

Monday, Jan. 30:  Finish The Book Thief.

Friday, Jan. 27:  DOL and reading.  Each class ended at a different place, but close to page 508.  We plan to finish the book on Monday.

Thursday, Jan. 26:  Daily Oral Language sentence (DOL). Discuss reading.  Read through page 482.

Wednesday, Jan. 25:  Sub today.  Read The Book Thief and answer questions page 438 through 455.

Tuesday, Jan. 24:  Read The Book Thief and answer questions through page 437.

Monday, Jan. 23:  Go over semester exams.

Semester exams:  Jan. 17-19

Monday, Jan. 9:  Period 3, DOL and read aloud Book Thief.  Finish through page 396 for homework.  Periods 5 & 6, read Book Thief or finish claim and counterclaim drafts to turn in today.  Do reading through 396 for homework.

Friday, Jan. 6:  Finish reading through 384 and the questions to turn in on Monday.  Period 3 start Book Thief argument essay.  Periods 5 & 6 continue essay.  Turn in at least the claim paragraph for comments today.

Thursday, Jan. 5:  Read through page 370 and do the questions.  Period 3 work finish up Holocaust Summary revisions and turn in the essay.  Periods 5 & 6 work on Book Thief essay–claim paragraph.

Wednesday, Jan. 4:  Period 3–work on revisions to Holocaust Summary paper.  Periods 5 & 6–start Book Thief argument essay.  Homework:  read through page 358 and start the reading questions.

Tuesday, Jan. 3:  Turn in questions through page 324 and read The Book Thief.  Due through page 348 for homework.

Dec. 23-Jan 3:  Holiday break.

Thursday, Dec. 22:  Vocabulary quiz today.  Read through page 324 over break and finish questions, which will be due at the beginning of class on Jan. 3.

Wednesday, Dec. 21:  We will have Career Cruising today with a counselor.  Read through page 316 for homework. Vocab quiz tomorrow. Keep working on reading questions.

Tuesday, Dec. 20:  Read through page 303 tonight.  Study vocab.  Get reading questions for pages 292 through 324 to be completed by end of the break.

Monday, Dec. 19:  We read from Rena’s Promise aloud.  Students need to read through page 292 tonight. Study vocab for quiz on Thursday.  All lists are on (Book Thief lessons 1 & 2 lists and F451 list will be included).

Friday, Dec. 16:  Read through page 281 for Monday.  We also read aloud from Rena’s Promise–a Holocaust autobiography.

Thursday, Dec. 15:  Last DOL sentence #10.  Finish and turn in the sheet for a grade.  Finish the reading and questions through page 266.

Wednesday, Dec. 14:  DOL sentence #9.  We will turn in the corrected DOL sentences 1-10 tomorrow, so all sentences need to be completed by then.  Reading questions for 241-267  were given.  We read together as far as we could get and answered questions along the way.  Students should read to the bottom of 260 for tonight and do the questions.  We’ll finish the rest in class tomorrow.

Tuesday, Dec. 13:  DOL sentence.  Finish and submit Holocaust summary to to check for plagiarism.  Fix any issues and resubmit to Turnitin by today.

Monday, Dec. 12:  DOL sentence.  Second of two quizzes and the best grade will go in the grade book–over pages 207-222.  Read 223-238 for tonight.  Work on Holocaust summary in class.

Friday, Dec. 9:  Type summary.  Get new vocabulary sheet, lesson 2 Book Thief words.  Reading through page 222 for Monday.  Vocabulary due Tues.

Work on vocabulary Thursday, Dec. 8:  DOL sentence.  Discussion and work on Holocaust summary all period.  I did NOT assign more reading.  Quiz tomorrow over reading through page 206.

Wednesday, Dec. 7:  DOL sentence.  Vote on favorite figurative language squares.  Discuss summary writing handout and start writing “The Holocaust” summary.  Read through page 206 for tonight.

Tuesday, Dec. 6:  Daily oral language sentence.  Watch clip on author Marcus Zusak.  Take reading quiz over 170–184.  Discuss quiz.  Start reading together and finish through page 196 for tonight.

Monday, Dec. 5:  Daily Oral Language sentence on the board. Discuss the Night of Broken Glass and laws against Jews in Nazi Germany.  Work on notes and annotations for “The Holocaust” article.  READ through page 184 in The Book Thief.  Expect a reading quiz tomorrow!

Friday, Dec. 2:  Quilt Square due today. Present them in class.  Work on annotations and notes on The Holocaust article.  Reading: through page 170.

Thurs., Dec. 1:  Vocabulary quiz.  No reading assigned tonight.  Finish the quilt square and finish revisions to the media essay.

Wed., Nov. 30–Reading quiz today.  Best of 1 out of 2 will be put in the grade book–either Monday’s or Wednesday’s quiz.  Review vocabulary for quiz tomorrow.  Read through page 160 tonight.

Tuesday, Nov. 29–Discuss revisions to 2nd draft of Media essay.  Read through 154 for tonight.  Quiz tomorrow.  Quilt Square project due Friday.

Monday, Nov. 28–reading quiz 114-128.  Discuss the quiz & reading.  Read through 141 for tonight.

Wed.–Fri. Thanksgiving Break  (Remember to read through page 128–next week will be a vocab quiz on Nov. 30, and the Figurative Language Quilt Square will be due on Dec. 2)

Tuesday, Nov. 22:  We did NOT do the quiz today. Instead, we discussed the reading and Liesel’s discovery that Hitler also did not like communists and that effect on her life.  Start the Close Read on “The Holocaust” article.  Students must annotate main ideas and put the information in two-column notes in preparation for writing a summary essay next week.  Read through page 128 over the break.

Monday, Nov. 21:  Practice the Fahrenheit 451 vocabulary and The Book Thief vocabulary on  Both sets of vocab will be tested after the break. Get the Figurative Language assignment.  Read through page 113 for tonight.  Be ready for a reading quiz.

Friday, Nov. 18:  Quiz over the reading and discussion.  Discuss and take notes on “The Wife’s Story.” Read through page 107 for Monday.  Turn in vocabulary.

Thursday, Nov. 17:  Pick the figurative language you want to draw for the Figurative Language Quilt Square assignment.  Write it on the board.  Read through page 96 tonight.  Quiz over reading from 69-96 on Friday.  Vocabulary work also due Friday.

Wednesday, Nov. 16:  Quiz over the reading through 68.  Discussion.  Hand out lesson 1 vocabulary from The Book Thief and discuss the words.  Read through page 80 for tomorrow.  Vocabulary assignment due on Friday.

Tuesday, Nov. 15:  Read in class “The Jesse Owens Incident” in The Book Thief and take a look at Jesse Owens’s story.  Discuss Hitler Youth program.  Read through page 68 for homework.  Quiz tomorrow on reading.

Mon. Nov. 14:  Read together in class. Finish reading through page 55 for homework and finish questions.  Due at the beginning of class on Tuesday.

Mon. — Fri., Nov. 7-11:  Finish working on the revision to the district writing assessment.  Start The Book Thief on Thursday.  Read through page 35 by Monday.  Do reading questions.

Wed.–Fri., Nov. 2-4:  Media Literacy presentation on the negative messages girls and guys get from the media.  Start work on the revision of district writing assessment on whether the media should do something about negative body image messages.  Annotate assessment prompt–use circle one, underline a few strategy on the prompt.  With a partner, analyze each perspective.  Start outline of new version of the essay.

Oct. 31–Nov. 1:  Discuss with Morand and revise Catalyst of Change essays.  Finish short stories from last week.

Oct. 26-28:  Read short stories and do questions (include “The Lottery”) and/or work with Morand on Catalyst essay revision.

Oct. 25, Tuesday:  Continue with reading “One Thousand Dollars” story (with questions) and/or essay revision.

Oct. 24, Monday:  Go over 8 comma rules handout and practice.  Either work on essay revision or start reading “One Thousand Dollars” story (with questions).

Oct. 20-21:  No school

Oct. 19, Wednesday–Finish “The Sound of Thunder” and make revisions to personal essay for students who have it back.

Oct. 18, Tuesday–Read “The Sound of Thunder” and answer questions.

Oct. 17, Monday–Read “The Wife’s Story” and annotate.

Oct. 14, Friday–Print copy of edited first draft.  Watch “Harrison Bergeron” film.

Oct. 13, Thursday–Work with peers or teacher on editing.  Discuss 6 comma rules.

Oct. 12, Wednesday–Printed personal essays and went over the Peer/Self edits sheets and tips for writing essays.  Some started to peer review.

Oct. 11, Tuesday–Writing day.

Oct. 10, Monday–Look at district writing assessments and discuss.  Continue writing personal essays.

Oct. 7, Friday–Practice quizlet “Morand Literary Terms 2016” for 10-15 minutes.  Discuss the personal essay on catalyst of change and start writing first draft.  Have several paragraphs done for Monday.  We will work on intro and thesis Monday.

Oct. 6, Thursday–Quick-write half page on what happened yesterday in class–creative, informal writing.  Discuss and take notes on “Harrison Bergeron”–theme and irony.

Oct. 5, Wednesday–Read short story “Harrison Bergeron” and do the reading questions in class.

Oct. 4, Tuesday–Finished discussion and notes on symbolism in class.  Discussed final quiz.  Started pre-write for Catalyst for Change essay.  Finish pre-write for homework.

Oct. 3, Monday–Banned books as the new book burning PowerPoint presentation.  Discussion of books banned in the U.S. and in Montana.

Sept. 30, Friday–Final quiz/test over end of the book and figurative language.

Sept. 29, Thursday–Reading assessment and time to work on finishing the book.

Sept. 28, Wednesday–Quick discussion of writing assessment and plans for revision, general events to pay attention to in final section of the novel (Faber’s instructions, how to escape, where he is heading, who he finds, what happens), read in class to finish the book by Friday for quiz/test over book and figurative language, practice more simile/metaphor/personification/hyperbole as a group.

Sept. 27, Tuesday–Out for writing scoring.  Sub provided pre-test on grammar and literary terms (DIES assessment).  Finish reading assignment from Monday.

Sept. 26, Monday–Continue figurative language partner work.  Discuss reading.  Start reading aloud.  Assign pages 3rd 130-154, 5th & 6th 119-147 for tonight and Tuesday homework.

Sept. 23, Friday–partner activity to read a paragraph and pick out the figurative language.  Then read and do questions to finish as homework or in class (3rd pages 113-125; 5th & 6th pages 107-119).

Sept. 22, Thursday–Sub today.  Read and do questions (3rd 90-110; 5th & 6th 88-106).

Sept. 21, Wednesday–Discuss the reading and vocab quizzes from Tuesday.  Discuss importance of paying attention to book when it’s read aloud and to ask questions. Start reading and discussion together from 88 or 91.

Sept. 20, Tuesday–Two quizzes–vocab and reading.  Finish discussion on figurative language from Friday.  Read–white book to pg 91, red book to pg 88.

Sept. 19, Monday–Sub today.  Read to page 81 or 85.  Stop after Faber tells the 3rd thing missing in order for books to make a difference.  Practice part I vocabulary sentences.  Quiz tomorrow over all the reading from Friday and Monday, and quiz over vocabulary.

Sept. 16, Friday–Read to page 73 or 77.  Practice Figurative Language in general and specifically, finding examples from Fahrenheit 451.  Simile, metaphor, personification, imagery, allusion, hyperbole.

Sept. 15, Thursday–Finish part I of F451 (page 65 or 63).  Use to study vocabulary part I words.

Sept. 14, Wednesday–Read to page 60 or 63 for homework.  Complete district writing assessment in class.

Sept. 13, Tuesday–Morand out with a substitute.  Students will read Fahrenheit and answer questions as they read.  Use complete sentences.  Reading will be pages 31-48.  Work in class. Finish for homework.

Sept. 12, Monday–Review the structure of Argumentation for the Wednesday writing assessment.  Discuss and then practice outlining a sample topic–should we have a four-day school week?  Read about 3 more pages tonight.

Friday, Sept. 9—F 451: reading quiz pp. 1-18.  Discuss the quiz and section.  Read together and finish through 28 (or 25 new bk) for homework.  Hand out the literary terms.  (Next week, vocab quiz, reading quiz and questions)

Sept. 8, Thursday—Vocab 1 words out and discuss.  Finish interview in 5th and 6th. Read more—pg 18 or 15 (depending on which book student has)

Sept. 7, Wednesday—picture day, yearbook survey, 3rd finished interview, started the book barely, took the notes on sci fi and dystopia.  5th and 6th did the notes and started the book in more depth.  Through page 8 or 10.

Sept. 6, Tuesday—F451 power point, do questions 2-8 discussion questions.  Write out the answers in the notebook and discuss in pairs and then in class.  Start Ray Bradbury interview.

Sept. 5, Monday—No school


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