Posted on December 20, 2016

Winter Break – No School

As we prepare for the end of the fall 2016 semester and the upcoming winter break, we would like to wish everyone a joyful and restful holiday season and a Happy New Year.

The winter break will begin on Friday, December 23, 2016, and students will return on Tuesday, January 3, 2017.

Be safe and GO BRU!!

Posted on December 12, 2016

Driver’s Education Registration for Winter-Spring 2017

Driver’s Education Registration for Winter-Spring 2017 will be January 3rd – 6th, 2017.  All registrations must be turned into the Main Office by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, January 6th.  The cost of the class is $285. The student must turn 15 by May 31, 2017 to enroll. Classes are determined by date of birth with older applicants having preference.

For more information or to contact the office please click here.

Posted on November 28, 2016

January 2017 Newsletter!

Please take time to review all of the upcoming dates and information contained in our January-newsletter-2017.

Posted on November 14, 2016

Cross Town Play “45 Minutes From Broadway” Opens Thursday!

An old-fashioned musical ’45 Minutes From Broadway’ is this year’s Cross Town Play, combining talents of 40 drama students from both Capital and Helena High schools.

For more details click here.

Posted on October 31, 2016

November 2016 Newsletter!

Please take time to review all of the upcoming dates and information contained in our november-newsletter-2016

Posted on October 31, 2016

Hageman Health Hero 2016!!

Congratulations to Mr. Hageman, “Health Hero 2016,” presented by Eat Right Montana- a coalition promoting healthy eating and active lifestyles. Congratulations Reg!

Health Hero Award Press Release

 Health Hero Awards to be given to Two Recipients from Helena: First Lady Lisa Bullock and Reg Hageman

October, 2016 – Extraordinary things are happening in Montana to improve health through physical activity and nutrition programs, projects, and policies. The purpose of the Eat Right Montana and Action for Healthy Kids Health Hero award program is to acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding efforts by those striving to promote healthy nutrition and physical activity to improve the well-being of all Montanans.  Eat Right Montana and MT Action for Healthy Kids will be awarding 9 outstanding Montanans with the Health Hero Award on October 24th in Bozeman.  First Lady Lisa Bullock has been chosen as one of the nine recipients for 2016.

Health Hero First Lady Lisa Bullock

First Lady Lisa Bullock is being recognized for her advocacy efforts in promoting childhood wellness throughout the state of Montana.  First Lady Bullock’s zealous passion for kids and desire to help end childhood hunger led her to work with the Montana Partnership to End Childhood Hunger (MTPECH).  After becoming Montana’s First Lady she helped organize efforts to obtain funds to support MT No Kid Hungry in hiring service members.  These service members have worked across the state to raise awareness about local childhood hunger and to help establish and support programs to alleviate the issue.  First Lady Bullock has also been a cheer leader and advocate for the School Breakfast Program.  One of the focuses of the MT No Kid Hungry program has been promoting alternative breakfast programs and summer meal programs.  Some schools have seen a rise in breakfast participation from 35% to 80%.  First Lady bullock takes the opportunity to recognize School Breakfast Champions through her annual Serve Montana Awards.  A former Americorp Service Member who worked directly with First Lady Bullock wrote,  “First Lady Bullock is committed to ending childhood hunger in Montana.  As a Montana No Kid Hungry member I quickly witnessed Lisa’s passion for the work we were doing…She wears her heart on her sleeve.  Each time the First Lady spoke, she cried, filling the crowd with her passion. ”

Health Hero Reg Hageman, Educator in Helena Public Schools and officer for SHAPE MT

As an educator in the Helena School District, Reg Hageman has taken an active role in advocating for healthy food choices for students.  Mr. Hageman has invested countless hours in researching, educating, and networking with administration to provide healthy options in vending machines.  He has reached out to the School Nutrition Program, Office of Public Instruction, collaborated with administration, and researched USDA guidelines to advocate that all vending options meet the Health Snack guidelines in Helena.  Mr. Hageman understands the impact that healthy food options can have on child’s health and ability to learn.  Reg’s impact also extends out of Helena and is affecting physical education across Montana.  As an officer for SHAPE MT, a professional organization for health enhancement and physical education providers, Reg has advocated to pilot the national “150 Initiative” in select schools across the state.  This initiative ensures 150 minutes of physical education is delivered to students on a weekly basis.  Mr. Hageman has had a key role in selecting and training schools, as well as planning data collection and reporting on the impact of the changes.  The work that Reg continues to do for students across the state of Montana demonstrates true advocacy for health and wellness.

More about ERM/AFHK and the Health Hero Awards:  First Lady Bullock and Mr. Hageman are great representatives of the Health Hero Award which looks for people who have been active in the following areas:

  • Increasing access to healthy food choices and/or nutrition program participation
  • Alleviating or decreasing hunger in the community
  • Increasing access to physical activity for kids, families, or communities
  • Advocating for workplace changes to support healthy choices.

Other Health Hero Award winners across the state this year include Amanda Cahill of the American Heart Association and the Co-Chair of the Graduation Matters Nutrition Work Group in Missoula; Terry Miller of Missoula for her work in assisting hospitals to achieve Baby Friendly Designation; Donna Kruse for her promotion of health through the Food Service Department of Huntley Schools; Lacey Gallagher of Great Falls for her work promoting wellness through various community efforts; Abigail Lichliter of Great Falls for her work in the Cascade County Extension office and SNAP Ed program; Special Olympics of Montana and their president Bob Norbie; and Chris Cook of Billings, founder of the Fit Kids club program.

For more information please contact:

Erica Harp

Health Hero Awards Chairperson


Posted on October 4, 2016

October 2016 Newsletter!

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Posted on September 20, 2016

Capital High School Students are going to Peru in 2017!

Dear Parents and Students,

Capital High School Students are going to Peru in 2017!

Excursions like this are a great way to enhance learning opportunities for every CHS student! The trip is designed to focus on global, cultural and travel skills necessary to exist in a global world. Therefore, to enrich a student’s life experiences, we have organized a rich tour featuring a different part of the world each year.

The 2017 trip to Peru will be a special treat for every CHS student. This educational experience is a perfect way to enrich the subjects you love.  For example, the archaeological and architectural phenomenon of Machu Picchu will provide insight into the life and survival of the Incas; while those interested in the sciences will experience environmental systems and participate in naturalist activities. Students who travel with us can practice a foreign language, experience the arts, contemplate engineering feats, and more. Therefore, as a way to enrich a student’s high school career, we have worked hard to offer an amazing trip for kids to experience life’s educational adventures.

Where and how do I sign up?  It costs $95 to lock in the price and to secure your spot. It’s very easy to sign up on line ( and the tour number is 1724471EC).  Many fun, effective fundraisers are available to pay for the cost of your trip.  Students may join organized CHS fundraisers, do their own fundraisers or get a job. We are excited to plan our next adventure with you on board. What a wonderful opportunity for students and or parents to learn and experience unique, real life quests usually seen through images in a text book. Contact us if you have questions:

Here is what CHS students and parents have had to say about our past tours: “I wasn’t sure what I was going to do in college but now I’m inspired”, “This experience has changed our son’s life”, ” I would do whatever it takes to go on another trip”, “This whole experience has done what had hoped it would and more!”   Hope to see you on board.


Genevieve Anderson   459-9311           
and Sue Butler            324-2531/431-2460

For more information visit our facebook page.

Capital High School World Travel | Facebook






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September 2016 Newsletter!

Please take time to review all of the upcoming dates and information contained in our September Newsletter 2016.

Posted on August 4, 2016

August 2016 Newsletter!!

Please take time to review all of the upcoming dates and information contained in our 2016 August CHS Newsletter.  Here you will find lots of details regarding textbooks, schedules, parking applications, registration, and so much more!