Wednesday, October 11, 2017

EXPECTATION OF THE WEEK: Be Respectful by greeting fellow Bruins daily with a smile ūüėä

Business Professionals of America will meet Thursday at lunch in Room 213. We will be discussing fundraising and regional competitions, so members please plan to attend!

Activities for the Week:                                                                                                             

Wednesday            4:00                      Crosstown X-Country              Bill Roberts

Thursday                3:00/5:00             Boys/Girls Soccer                     Home

Friday                     3:00                       JV Football                                 Home

Friday                     7:00                       Varsity Football                        Vigilante

Friday                     4:00/5:30              Volleyball                                  Glacier

Saturday                9/10:30/12:00      Volleyball                                  Flathead

Saturday                10:00/12:00          Boys/Girls Soccer                    Home