Friday, October 6, 2017

Taco Tuesday!!!  Spanish club will be selling Taco Bravos on Tuesday 10/10 at lunch in the Library Foyer!

They will be topped with homemade salsa made from home grown tomatoes and Peppers.  These tacos are going to be DELICIOSOS

2 real dollars per taco.  There will only be 75 tacos made.  First come, first served!

There will also be authentic Chai Tea available for 1 real dollar. Order in Spanish you could win a prize!
Activities for the Week:                                                                                                     

Friday                     3:30                        JV Football                                          Billings

Friday                     3:30/5:30              Boys/Girls Soccer                               Home

Friday                     7:00                        Varsity Football                                  Billings

Saturday                9:00/11:00             Boys/Girls Soccer                               Home

Saturday                12:00                      JV Football                                           Home